Transforming Gender Relations in Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The book takes on the main barriers to women’s success in agriculture, discussing strategies that are being used to address them, and offering case studies on institutional changes, data-gathering and analysis, household-level methodologies, community-level methodologies, land and property-rights issues, value chains, and “climate-smart” agriculture.
The case studies from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Zambia, and the accompanying umbrella analysis, highlighted many difficulties in working towards greater gender equality in agricultural development programmes, but it also revealed a number of valuable lessons and promising approaches.
It’s a very practical book, meant to be used by agriculture/development practitioners, policy-makers, the private sector, researchers and students working in Africa. It is frank about the huge challenges ahead, but it also aims to inspire, by showing real-life examples of change.

By Cathy Farnworth, Melinda Fones Sundell, Akinyi Nzioki, Violet Shivutse, and Marion Davis
Copyright ©2013 Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI)
October 2013, 144 pages

Download the full document here


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